In funeral homes, morgues and medical examiner offices, the BodyScoop™ with its lift and rail system- mounted on ceiling or wall - allows one-person body transfers from the prep area or work table, directly to casket or anywhere within the rail system. 

The ease with which one person can manage these transfers has a positive impact not only on the staff, but also on your bottom line and profits.

Benefits from installation and daily use of the BodyScoop™ include the following:

  • Reduces back strain
  • Reduces risk of injuries
  • Reduces number of staff required for transfers
  • Saves time with one-person transfers
  • Lifts 1,000 lbs.
  • Maneuvers effortlessly & quietly
  • Increases profitability
  • Helps to recruit & retain quality staff.

The BodyScoop™ began with an idea of international inspiration.  The owners of B-Mobile Inc., Wayne and Glenda Blacklock, began demonstrating the BodyScoop™ at International, National and State Funeral Directors Conventions in 1998.  Feedback was received from you, the customer, Funeral Director, Embalmer and Staff. 

In development, customers gave input, we listened and the results became the BodyScoop™ you see today. Wayne's engineering and construction experience brought the BodyScoop™ design to fruition.  The business application of that idea was finalized with a patent* - and a need in the industry was fulfilled.

Wayne's skills of design and construction coupled with Glenda's executive and administration experience in the insurance industry perfected a blend of skills and talents into their viable business which provides the innovative BodyScoop™ for funeral homes, morgues and medical examiner offices.

This remarkable and cost-effective system has been instrumental in both lifting profits and reducing injuries associated with traditional transfer methods. In the past, often more than one member of staff was required to make a transfer - or multiple transfers - from the prep area to the casket or table. Interrupting an associate who was with a family or working on other tasks, caused a loss of time and momentum. Awkward and multiple moves were slow. Prior to BodyScoop™, attempts at acceleration in these moves brought the increased risk of work-related injury - something no employer wants for their employees - and certainly no employee needs to suffer. 

Now, with the ease and facility BodyScoop™ brings, the risks of additional costs from lost time or injury, has been substantially reduced - if not eliminated. One person can handle multiple cases without calling for extra help for transfers.

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*U.S. Patent #7,373,704