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Operating the BodyScoop.

  1. With the blades of the BodyScoop™ in the closed and locked position adjust the space between the blades to accommodate the size of the body. About 95% of the cases require a 2" gap between the blades. For smaller bodies, the blades should be close enough to touch. For bariatric cases, start with the blades farther apart.
  2. To adjust the space between the blades, spread the BodyScoop™and stand between them while adjusting the set screws on the bottom of the BodyScoop™collar.
  3. To lift the body, open the blades and place them above the body. Press the down button while holding both blades open. As the bottom of the blades touch the table, push the top of the blades out, (away from the body). The bottom of the blades will slide into the body. Continue to lower the BodyScoop™ until the locks can slide down into the locked and secure position.
  4. There is no need to push the blades under the body. Reach across the body, pull it up gently and the blade will slide under. From the opposite side, reach across the body and gently pull it up and the blade will slide under.
  5. For unusual or difficult to manage body types, the use of a scoop extension(s) is recommended. From one to six extensions may be required.
  6. While pressing the up button, firmly pull the scoop frame-arms together. Ensure the blades remain tight to the body as they come together, hold and take set. Once secured raise the BodyScoop™ to an appropriate height for transport.
  7. Place one hand under the head to assist in guiding the movement of the body.
  8. To remove the BodyScoop™, lower the unit until the locks can be raised. If the correct position is not attained, it may be necessary to raise or lower the unit until the lock moves freely. Press the up button and allow the scoops to slide up over the body. On larger bodies, it is easier to slide the scoops down to the hips and knees while raising the scoop.   



The patented* and highly durable  construction of the BodyScoop™ cleans easily with soap and water rinse or prep room solutions. Non-porous stainless steel surfaces remain sanitary when used and cleaned as directed. 

The BodyScoop™enjoys simple operation and is virtually maintenance free with its self-contained electric motor. 

The lift motor requires only a continuous charge. The continuous charge system  keeps the two 12 volt batteries charged. The amber light on the bottom of the lift motor indicates when the unit is charging.

It is important to make sure the batteries are charged regularly.

*U.S. Patent #7,373,704