Site survey and planning ensure a smooth installation with minimal interruption to your ongoing business work flow. 

Our experience comes from well over 25+ years in the construction, home building and specialty hospital environments. We were even featured in an Extreme Makeover Home Edition® providing an overhead transport system throughout the home. Consequently, you can rest assured we make the installations as quickly as humanly possible to minimize any effect on your productivity. 

Our overhead rail systems can be configured to fit any space and support weights up to 1,000 pounds.

Site visits often work best to ensure proper installation. Our experience also includes  over 10 years specialization in the overhead transport system allowing us to expertly design the most efficient system for your needs.

The site visit also engages the staff with discussions of the operation, work flow and expansion of available opportunities that might not otherwise be realized.

Evaluations are also managed remotely with input from the local funeral director or on-site management. Images of the walls and ceiling along with room dimensions can be emailed for more convenient review. This inspection of wall and ceiling construction allows our experts to provide an accurate assessment of your needs.

After careful analysis, B-Mobile Inc. provides an estimate, layout and drawing of the room-covering system for your review.

Installations make use of the existing building structure. Additional engineering and secondary structural beams are not needed.